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Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode 16

Episode 16To listen to our latest show please go here:

Well we finished our season with a bang.SITHFIRE30 style! Sit back relax and listen as Dayton from Sithfire30 creations. We sure had a great time with Dayton as we listened to him talk about his amazing process he goes through to achieve his awesome action figure art! I definitely agree with him that customizers are pushing this to a true artform.

Just a note. I have switched CAFN to Podcast will no longer be published on this blogger page. My new blog site will host the show:
Episode 16

I will still update this blog with new posts for the next few months however eventually i may not use this anymore once everyone has switched. The reason being I cannot get my old mp3 hosting site to work anymore.
 My new RSS feed for this is:
 Please make sure you subscribe as i will be posting all new shows here. To subscribe copy the RSS into your URL and then hit subscribe. The new feed should pop up in Itunes in a week or so if you subscribe their like I do.

 Thanks for a great season guys and stay tuned while Tamer and I get ready with our Fall schedule. I will be posting that on both blogs when we are ready.


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